some logos
On this page are some Atari graphics I made. Some are pretty old right now, but what the heck. Some of them are used on my site, but I didn't know what to do with all of them, so I placed them over here in case someone needs a graphic or so.

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All graphics done by Sysop Fox-1. No Copyrights.

Simple Blinker #1

Blinking#1, size: 5 Kb
Fuji Rotator #1
Rotator#1, size: 8 Kb
Atari Fire Animation #1

Fire#1, size: 46 Kb
Atari Fire Animation #1
Fire#2, size: 26 Kb
Ms PacMan Picture
Ms PacMan picture, size: 12 Kb
Atari 130XE
Atari 130XE, size: 16 Kb
Atari Chrome

Atari Chrome, size: 10 Kb
Atari XL/XE
Atari XL/XE, size: 13 Kb
Embossed Fuji
Embossed Fuji, size: 8 Kb
Atari Fog

Atari Fog, size: 43 Kb

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